Experience Mind/Body Balance and Healing

Chances are if you found us, you are experiencing health challenges or struggles that you are looking for answers to. You are in the right spot! The inner workings of our bodies are often a mystery. From our organs to our hormones to our emotional health, to our unique reactions to the environment around us, the systems within us operate unseen, leaving much of what we know about our personal health and wellness to guesswork. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way.

At Roadmap To Wellness Doc, we don’t believe in guessing when it comes to understanding—and remedying—the health of your body. We offer a variety of techniques to address physical, chemical and emotional stress which is the source of all health challenges. Remedy testing allows individuals to gain deep insights into what’s working in their bodies, what requires attention, and what remedies would be most useful in obtaining better health. This scan also focuses on emotional and mental health and allows us to gain a deeper understanding of how we process our emotions and what is needed to become more efficient in that aspect, along with a customized remedy plan to help you heal. 

Holographic Manipulation Therapy takes emotional healing even farther by addresses past traumas or stresses that our subconscious mind is holding onto which keeps our nervous system running in a stressed out responsive way. This in turn causes the body to slowing fatigue and bring on physical symptoms to get your attention. HMT allows us to rewire those past traumas so they will never be triggered again!

Roadmap to Wellness Doc is designed to help individuals take control over their health, right from their own home!

The mission at Roadmap To Wellness Doc is to help you feel and function better not only physically but emotionally. We are passionate about natural and holistic health, and we approach each of our clients as individuals with unique concerns and needs.

We recommend Remedy Testing for our clients looking to gain important insights into how their bodies are functioning, but we also find that it is especially useful for those individuals who are dealing with chronic health concerns. Clients with allergies, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, fatigue, and autoimmune disease have found this testing invaluable.

If you suffer from a chronic health concern, you know just how exasperating it can be to constantly treat symptoms without truly treating the core of the problem. In addition to the frustration of failing to address the crux of the issue, treating multiple symptoms often leads to uncomfortable therapeutic interactions and side effects. We have learned over the years that when dealing with any type of chronic health situation there is ALWAYS an emotional component that NEEDS to be addressed to allow for true healing to happen. Otherwise you are just putting a bandaid over the issue and the next time that emotional trauma gets triggered, the physical symptoms come right back. That is where Remedy Testing combined with HMT has been truly unmatchable compared to any other treatments available.